Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Dump

- Green Room invitees, Hasheem Thabeet doesn't want to go to Memphis, and all the rest of the latest NBA Draft rumors from Draft Express.

- Tubby Smith is being sued.

- Jonny Flynn draft diary part two.

- Great piece from the NY Times on our favorite mock drafters.

- Is Tom Crean bitter about his situation at Indiana?

- All the NBA Draft top five lists you could ever want.

- Washington State should be pretty good this year.

- Phil Jackson to retire and Coach K to take over the Lakers?

- An interview with the guy who is fast becoming my favorite morning Sportscenter anchor.

- How bad is this year's draft class?

- Minnesota hosted a large (and star-studded) point guard workout.

- Yao to Cleveland?

- Why is this on Craigslist?

- If Gus Johnson announced golf:

- I know it was yesterday, but this one's for you pops. Happy Father's Day!

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