Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"I'll leave you missin' like the f*ckin' O'Bannons"

For anyone that follows The Dagger, they posted their top 10 NCAA Riches to NBA Rags players. Tops on that list? Ed O'Bannon.

The guys at The Dagger weren't the only ones to notice O'Bannon's fall from stardom (although, to be fair, we wrote about this last summer. I'm just sayin').

Lil' Wayne did too.

On a track off of his Dedication 2 mixtape called "Cannon" (lyrics very NSFW), Lil' Wayne gets a shot in against the O'Bannon brothers.

Listen close, I got duct tape and rope, I'll leave you missing like the f-cking O'Bannons.
First things first, the line is pretty clever (for those that only know Wayne through his new music, this mixtape came out in 2006 when he was the best in the rap game and before he turned into a member of Fallout Boy). But it is a bit of a cheap shot.

The guys over at Jerseychaser.com caught up with the O'Bannons recently and asked them about the line:

Charles is still playing ball out in Japan (his reaction to the lyric was pretty funny: "Come see me on the court, lil' fella. I will dunk on you"), while Ed's plight as a car salesman in Las Vegas became widely publicized with this Washington Post article.

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