Tuesday, June 23, 2009

IF ANYONE HAS THIS VIDEO, PLEASE PASS IT ALONG: In one of the stranger stories I've heard in a while, Eddy Curry and JR Smith were in a car together at 4am when they were pulled over. So what did they decide to do?

Stream it live over the internet. But of course!

From InsideHoops:

Curry was sitting in the front passenger seat of a car, next to a driver and two other guys in the back seat, one of whom was Denver Nuggets shooting guard J.R. Smith (sitting behind the driver). They’re pulled over and being questioned by a police officer. The cop then left their car area. I assume he went back to a police car, perhaps to call in looking for information about the driver, car, etc. For the next 10 or 12 minutes I sat watching in amusement as the four guys sat cracking jokes waiting for the police officer to return. It was like watching a sports celebrity episode of the TV show “Cops.” The webcam, presumably a laptop, was on the dashboard, pointing at the faces of the four young guys. I’m not positive but I believe the officer said something about a suspended licence. One of the men then joked that he’ll pay $1,000 to whomever gets out, runs over and touches the police car. Of course, no one did it.

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