Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Morning Dump

- This is hilarious - the Memphis athletics compliance website. Irony? In other Memphis news, Tigers AD RC Johnson apparently didn't tell any of the candidates to replace Calipari about the possible NCAA violations.

- Yesterday, we touched on Steve Cohen's letter to the NBA, regarding the 19-and-1 rule. Gary Parrish asks why, if it is so important to protect 18 year old high school seniors from making poor decisions, do we immediately stop caring when that player turns 19?

- Wait, is Ricky Rubio willing to workout for and interview with Memphis, OKC, and Sacramento?

- Karen Sypher's lawyer wants her trial for extorting Rick Pitino postponed.

- Bitter much? Tim Floyd from the LA Times:

"Kansas has two players who would have been NBA lottery picks, Cole Aldrich and Sherron Collins, and they are returning to school," Floyd told the Los Angeles Times. "Good for them. Our guys get an offer from Islamabad and they're gone."
- Tasmin Mitchell's tough decision. Good news for Sean Miller, however, as Nic Wise may be coming back.

- Former USC commit Noel Johnson has taken a visit to UNLV.

- Steph Curry wants to go to New York.

- FDU has fired their head coach.

- A study on NBA officiating. The findings might surprise you.

- A brawl in women's handball.

- What the..?

- Shaq is rooting for Kobe.

After the jump, Lil Wayne did a song about Kobe Bryant.

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