Friday, June 26, 2009

Elliot Williams may only have one choice

ELLIOT WILLIAMS MAY ONLY HAVE ONE CHOICE: Apparently, Elliot Williams has cut his list to four schools: Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Memphis (all of which recruited him out of high school).

So where will he end up?

Well, if he wants to play right away, Gary Parrish tells up he really only has one choice.

Tyler Smith was the guy that made it trendy to appeal the NCAA's rule of sitting out one year for a transfer. Smith played his freshman season at Iowa, but transferred back to Tennessee to be closer to his ailing father. While Smith was from Tennessee, Knoxville is a good 250 miles from his Pulaski, TN home.

According to a D1 coach Parrish talked to, the NCAA has tightened its guidelines for granting the waiver.

"I know a player who transferred to a school 106 miles from his home, and the NCAA denied the waiver," the coach said. "They wanted to know that the player was going to have 'day-to-day responsibilities' with the family member before granting the waiver, and they said that you can't have 'day-to-day responsibilities' if you're 106 miles away."

Vanderbilt is 212 miles from Memphis. Tennessee is 391 and Kentucky is 423.

Which means that assuming the coach that Parrish spoke too is correct, the only place Williams will be able to play at next year is Memphis.

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