Monday, May 4, 2009

John Wall cited for breaking and entering

John Wall, the nation's #1 who is still unsigned, was cited for breaking and entering. From the Charlotte Observer:

Wall, 18, a senior at Raleigh Word of God, was detained about 12:30 p.m. April 27 by a Raleigh police officer responding to a report of a breaking and entering in progress at an unoccupied dwelling at 3924 Laurel Glen Drive, Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said in a statement.
Two other kids were also issued citations for the incident. To clarify, a citation isn't an arrest (apparently it is akin to a traffic violation).

It should also be noted that nothing was taken from the house and that there were no signs of forced entry.

One of the things we have been hearing is that Wall was at the house for a party, but seeing as it was 12:30 PM on a Monday and the house is currently empty because it was foreclosed on, I'd assume this is just a case of a teenager hanging out in an empty house. He wouldn't be the first and definitely won't be the last to do so.

The house that Wall was seen walking out of.
(photo credit: Movoto Realty)

So will this have any effect on his recruitment?

Doubtful. As dumb as his decision was, remember that this is an instance of a kid simply doing something kids do. And yes, Wall (who is 18 years old) is still a kid. If any fans of the eight or nine teams still in the running for Wall's services next year think this is a sign of the "character" of Wall, think back to what you did as an 18 year old (circa senior year in high school/freshman year in college) and then judge him.

Besides, I think the fact that of his two AAU coaches, the Clifton brothers, one is now an assistant at Baylor and the other is his agent handler would be a much bigger point of contention.

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