Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friday Morning Dump

- This Derrick Rose story keeps growing. Apparently, he had his grades changed in high school:

Rose, 20, was one of four Simeon athletes whose grades were boosted for a one-month period after their June 2007 graduation and then changed back after the bogus transcripts had been sent to colleges, according to sources and a report by the CPS inspector general.
And here is a picture of the kid that allegedly took the SATs for Rose.

- On a happier note, Gary Parrish says that this Calipari mess shouldn't affect Josh Pastner's 2009-10 Memphis team, which is only fair because Pastner was an assistant in Arizona while all this was happening. Apparently, Pastner had no idea of the pending investigation when he was hired by Memphis.

- Truehoop's take on Derrick Rose.

- Former Cincinnati Bearcat Pete Mickeal, who plays for Tau Ceramica in the Spanish ACB League, sings Ricky Rubio's praises.

- Chad Ford's newest mock draft is out. Not only does he have Thabeet going 2nd and Rubio going 3rd, but he has Jrue Holiday going 4th. Holiday is still officially undecided, but if he is going fourth, then he is gone.

- Draft Express,, and Andy Katz get you caught up on the first day of the combine. A summary - Jeff Teague looks like he is staying in the draft; Patty Mills looks likely to stay; Jodie Meeks said he is going to come back if he isn't a first rounder (which he isn't); Ty Lawson's stock is falling, as he is currently behind Jonny Flynn and Eric Maynor; James Johnson may go as high as 14 to Pheonix.

- As anyone ever had a more action packed off-season than Kentucky has this year? The school has counter sued Billy Gillispie. From the Louisville Courier-Journal:
According to the suit, "UK contends that the MOU is not an enforceable long-term contract of employment, and that it owes no damages to Gillispie, having paid him for each basketball season in which he coached."
- Yup, there is a song about John Calipari already. "Johnny Calipari" to the tune of the Chili Pepper's singing "Dani California". Pretty funny.

- We talked about it yesterday, but Andy Katz wrote today that Xavier's Derrick Brown will be staying in the draft.

- Finally some good news for USC. UConn transfer Marcus Johnson has been granted an extra year of eligibility. The LA Times tried to catch up with Tim Floyd. It didn't work. Funny anecdote here though:
One morning in March, one of our graduate assistants pulled up three articles that had us ranked fourth, fifth and sixth in early polls for next season. By 1 p.m., DeMar DeRozan, Taj Gibson and Daniel Hackett all declared for the NBA.
- In a cost cutting move, Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin are going to stop printing media guides for their sports team.

- Dino Gaudio has added former Tulsa assistant Dave Wojcik to his Wake Forest staff.

- This kid is ridiculous. So is Trick Daddy. He does the traffic on Dan LeBatard's radio show.

- You may hate Ron Artest, but one thing you can't deny is the guy loves his hood Queensbridge.

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