Monday, May 25, 2009

5/25 - Memorial Day Morning Dump

- Calipari has already solved the issue of too many players on scholarship.

- Latavious Williams is expected to make a decision on a school today.

- Not sure why Fordham is doing this to Jio Fontan. He may go the JuCo route. In other transfer news, Kansas's Quintrell Thomas is headed to UNLV.

- This is where Nick Calathes is headed. And we thought K-Mart's fued with Mark Cuban was bad.

- Ramar Smith has fallen a long way since his days at Tennessee. He was arrested last week.

- Rip Hamilton is suing the guy that is at the center of the UConn recruiting scandal, who also used to be his business manager.

- A blog gets an interview with Dana O'Neil.

- Clark Kellogg's son is transferring out of Providence and to Ohio.

- Dan LeBatard is back from his year-long sabbatical, and with a vengeance. Its long and about Jim Leyritz, and maybe its just the Yankee fan in me, but it is definitely worth the read.

- And they say NBA players have character issues? A Dolphins player is arrested, a Harvard coach tries to run down his pregnant girlfriend, and Jeremy Shockey is found unconscious in Vegas.

- This girl is out of her mind. It gets good at the 1:40 mark.

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joe said...

nothing I love better than a good morning dump. can't wait for next season's first pre-game beat. keep up the good work