Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jonny Flynn to test the Draft

Jonny Flynn has entered the NBA Draft.

Not all that much of a surprise. He was one of the best point guards in the country this past season, and has an outside shot of landing in the back end of the lottery.

What is surprising, however, is that Flynn was pushed by Boeheim to enter the draft. I know a lot of coaches say they want what is best for their players on a personal level, but does anyone really believe that? In the cutthroat coaching business, where you are only as good as your last game, it says something that a coach will not only advise, but push his best player to the draft.

Especially when odds are good that the player will not be pulling his name out.

Other early entry news:

  • Dexter Pittman, the junior center from Texas, will be returning to Austin for his senior season. Pittman has shown flashes of huge potential, but the bottom line is that he is not yet in good enough shape to play in the NBA. Another year of cutting weight and adding to his offensive repertoire could put him in the first round in 2010.
  • DePaul's Mac Koshwal will be entering the NBA Draft. Like Pittman, he showed flashes on promise this season, but he still has a long way to go before he is NBA ready. The smart move would be to return to school for a year, but money may be a bigger motivator for the Sudan native.
  • Hawaii junior Roderick Flemings has entered his name in the NBA Draft. Flemings is an athletic, 6'7" wing, but he is not quite an NBA player just yet. More than likely will be back in school in the fall after testing the waters.

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Jameson said...

Commence me crying about Flynn now.