Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Does anyone still care about Greg Paulus?

First, it was Michigan. Then, it was Syracuse. Now, its ... North Carolina?

Take a look at this picture, which was first posted over at Rush the Court:

Gotta be a photo shop job, right? There is no way that Paulus is dumb enough to take a picture with a baby decked out in Tar Heel gear while wearing a Carolina t-shirt.

Well, the Dagger has another theory. Apparently, the picture was taken on an ACC barnstorming, and the Tar Heel blue jersey just happens to be the color of the team that Paulus was placed on. As for the baby? Well, its a baby, and Paulus seems to think that the picture is pretty funny.

The bottom line is that when it comes to rivalries, fans care a whole-helluva-lot more than the players do. Sure, when Duke and UNC tangle, both teams are going to fight and scrap to pull out a W, but not anymore so than if they were playing Wake when Wake is atop the ACC, or Maryland when the Terps are competing for conference crowns, or Clemson when ... you get the point.

Once the buzzer sounds, the players on both sides are friends. Hell, Wayne Ellington and Gerald Henderson were high school teammates.

You think they hate each other?

So to any Duke fan that sees this picture - take a deep breath, relax, have a chuckle at the picture, and remember that Greg Paulus is now Syracuse's problem.

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