Thursday, April 23, 2009

BREAKING: Steph Curry Decision Day

Steph has set an 11:30 am press conference where he will announce his NA Draft intentions. If you believe Scott Fowler, a columnist for the Charlotte observer, then Curry has yet to even make a decision on his draft status.

Here's the weird thing: Davidson coach Bob McKillop still doesn't know what Curry's decision is going to be. And neither do Curry's parents.

"He told us he just wants to sleep on it," Dell Curry, Stephen's father, told me Wednesday night. "But he honestly hasn't told us what he's going to do yet."

Said McKillop Wednesday night: "I don't think Steph knows what he's going to decide right now. His heart is feeling one way. His head is feeling another way. Somehow, he's got to get his heart and his head feeling the same way."
We will have more on this after the news conference.

UPDATE: Steph has declared for the draft, and in an emotional press conference, he said he would be hiring an agent. Curry made the right decision. More on that later today

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