Monday, April 6, 2009

4/6 - Some Links, Some News

- The guys over at RTC compiled a great list of columns previewing the game tonight.

- From the Hartford Courant:

"I'm coming back next year," Robinson said. "And I will be on scholarship again. ... Right now I'm taking classes I withdrew from. I'm going great in my class 93 and 81 so far."

UConn will need Robinson next season and keeping him eligible is paramount. Part of me believed Sticks would turn pro after this season. That would have meant he'd post zero grades during a 16-month period in which he played more than 40 games. While it evidently would have broken no rules, it sure would have made the notion of student-athleticism a sad joke.
- If this turns out to be true, MJ's kid in an idiot (side note: we saw MJ himself at Cheli's last night, which is Chris Chelios's bar in Detroit).

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