Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 NCAA Tournament - Best Dunks

No lists here. Nothing needs to be ranked. We all know what the best dunk was (sorry Sticks, its true), but that was far from the only poster that was made.

Jeremy Pargo on some poor kid from Akron:

The Blake Griffin series:

Elliot Williams with a one-handed dunk in traffic against Villanova.

Stanley Robinson saves a little face with a huge tip dunk against Michigan State. I know that technically a tip dunk is when you grab a rebound in the air and dunk it before hitting the ground, but dunks of this nature need a better name than "tip-dunk". It is a different beast all together. Suggestions? Side note: this dunk signified the end for UConn, as the ensuing inbounds led to Durrell Summers and-one lay-up.

Gerald Henderson with a huge dunk against Texas.

I know it didn't count, but you gotta love when a little guy like Jonny Flynn gets up like this.

Sergio Kerusch of Western Kentucky with a nice dunk off of a back door feed. Not really sure what that music is though.

And the best dunk of the tournament:

I know I missed some nice dunks somewhere, so leave a comment and let me know.

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