Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 NCAA Tournament - Best Call by an Announcer

Announcers are often an overlooked and under-appreciated aspect of a sporting event. Quite often, they are egotistical maniacs that would rather turn the attention from the game at hand to themselves. But sometimes, when you call a moment just right, it becomes intertwined with that moment, becoming just as much a part of history as the play itself. Think miracles. With all the drama and the intrigue involved in the NCAA Tournament, legendary calls can make an announcer a cult hero.

You want proof?

Gonzaga. The slipper still fits.
Batista with the catch.
This is March Madness.
Holy Mackeral.
Hamilton at the buzzer.
By George, the dream is alive.

And my personal favorite (although not from the NCAA Tournament, Bill Raftery + Gus Johnson = the perfect storm).

Who made the best call this year? Well, we have a tie here, folks. One of them was a bit of a sleeper coming in, but the other is a bit of a usual suspect.

Kevin Harlan calling the end of Gonzaga's win over Western Kentucky in the second round.

Gus Johnson calls Kalin Lucas's three-point play to put Michigan State ahead of Kansas in the Sweet 16. "Count it and the foouullllll".

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