Thursday, March 19, 2009

The BIAH Tournament Picks

I know you all have been waiting, edge of your seat, for them. It is 2:11 am right now, and I finally have gotten to where I feel comfortable with it. Very chalky, but I do not really see many teams that can spring a few upsets this year. I know that the #1 teams dropped like flies all season, but the top 5 remained pretty consistent throughout the season.

No explanations, just my picks after the jump.


Sweet 16

  • Louisville over Ohio State
  • Wake Forest over Arizona
  • Kansas over West Virginia
  • Michigan State over USC
Final Four
  • Louisville over Michigan State


Sweet 16
  • UConn over BYU
  • Purdue over Washington
  • Mizzou over Marquette
  • Memphis over Maryland
Final Four
  • UConn over Mizzou


Sweet 16
  • Pitt over Tennessee
  • Wisconsin over Xavier
  • Villanova over UCLA
  • Duke over Texas
Final Four
  • Duke over Pitt


Sweet 16
  • UNC over Butler
  • Gonzaga over Western Kentucky
  • Syracuse over Arizona State
  • Oklahoma over Clemson
Final Four
  • UNC over Syracuse

Final Four:
  • UNC over Louisville, 78-73

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