Sunday, March 29, 2009

BIAH Elite 8 Live Blog Day 2

After today's games, our Final Four will be set. We start today with Michigan State and Louisville. The Spartan's Raymar Morgan broke his nose against Kansas and will be playing today with a mask. The second game features UNC and Oklahoma, which pits last year's player of the year (Tyler Hansbrough) against the likely player of the year this season (Blake Griffin).

Like always, follow along after the jump.

- That's it. UNC is headed back to the Final Four with a 72-60 win over the Sooners.

- Warren is trying to lead the Sooners back. They have cut the lead to 12 with over three minutes left.

That basket by Green probably will do it.

- Oh. My. God. If I never seed the Guitar Hero commerical with Knight, K, Williams, and Pitino ever again, it will be too soon. You cannot un-see things.

- OU is 0-15 from three. That is horrendous.

- UNC is simply better than Oklahoma. We have been saying it from day 1 - when OU doesn't get any shooting from their perimeter players, they are not a good team.

- This should tell you everything you need to know about these two teams: Blake has 19 points, so does the rest of the Sooners. Hansbrough has 4 points, the rest of the Heels have 46.

- Juan Patillo has provided an excellent spark off the bench. Two dunks in the first half, and now he just grabbed another offensive board, drawing Davis's third foul in the process.

- UNC just missed their first shot of the half ... with 14:23 left. They had made seven in a row.

- Explain this one to me. Watching a replay of Griffin's thunderous oop, Kellogg said "That's yee-lium. Yeast, with ability to rise, and helium that can hang". Yee-lium < Onions.

- Blake is taking over this game offensively for the Sooners, scoring eight quick points here in the second half. The scoring has really picked up as well, but the problem is that the Sooners absolutely cannot get a stop against the Heels. UNC is scoring at will.

- I take back every thing I said about Hansbrough guarding Griffin. He has all 11 points when T is out of the game.

- UNC takes a 32-23 lead into the break. Griffin has been fantastic as usual, going for 11 points and 9 boards in the first half, but he is getting nothing from the rest of the Sooners. Warren, Johnson, and Crocker are a combined 0-7 from three.

Danny Green has continued his great play in the dance as he heads into the break leading UNC with 14 points, but UNC's offense has been slowed down by the Sooners.

- Blake looks frustrated. He is not very active trying to get position on offense, and while he does have 8 boards, he has had three offensive taken from him in the last two possessions.

- Jesus. Griffin has seven rebounds in seven minutes. The problem? He is not getting any touches offensively. He has just one shot and no points.

- Two fouls on Hansbrough. He would not have the first one if he was not matched up with Blake.

- UNC has scored nine points off of four OU turnovers. Warren is getting more aggressive. On the last three possessions, he has scored and picked up an assist for a Pattillo dunk.

- The Sooners are not looking good offensively. They need to get the ball into Griffin. He will get doubled, and he is good at kicking the ball out. That will lead to either open shots or lanes for penetrating. This nine point deficit is the biggest OU has faced all season long.

- OU made the right decision. Taylor is on Hansbrough. Blake is on Thompson.

- Hansbrough comes out guarding Griffin, and picks up a foul on the first possession. SWITCH.

- Tyler Hansbrough is the NCAA tournament's all-time leading scorer now? Did not know that.

- UNC-Oklahoma is about to tip, and I think this could end up being the game that everyone has been hoping for. This may be the first time all season that the most talented team in the country (UNC) has not had the most talented player on the floor (Blake Griffin). If I am Roy Williams, I put Hansbrough on Taylor Griffin, and use Thompson and Davis on Blake. None of those three are really going to have much of a chance to slow down Griffin, but at least Hansbrough won't get as tired grappling with Taylor as he will with Blake.

- Problem solved (and I think I figured out how to prevent it from happening again ... I think). Michigan State took over in the second half, at one point going on a 30-11 run, completely shutting down the Cardinals with their defense.

- We are experiencing more technical difficulties. The internet has decided now is a great time to not work. Stay tuned as I try to figure this out.

- MSU answers with a 9-2 run. The one thing that has stood out to me in this game is the Spartan's ability to get easy baskets in transition. The run was capped by a big dunk by Durrell Summers.

- Louisville's athleticism is taking over here in the second half. Two blocks and T-Will's dunk as the Cards take the lead back.

- And there is T-Will. He was scoreless coming into the second half (5 boards and 4 dimes), but he got on the board with a huge oop to kick off the second half.

- Walton is not a good scorer. Why is he always isolated when the clock is winding down? It never works out well, and makes even less sense when you consider that the Spartans have the Big Ten player of the year running the point for them.

- Sosa really makes some gorgeous passes in traffic. It is too bad that he is so inconsistent, because he really has a ton of talent.

- Louisville has gotten 15 of their 24 points off the bench. Knowles has 10 of those, but the Cards have no answer for Suton. He just banged his second straight three, giving him 17 in the first half.

- The Spartans are really moving the ball well against the Louisville zone. That last possession, they swung the ball all the way around the perimeter before finally finding Walton open in the corner for a jumper that gave them the lead back. 19-18 MSU.

- Louisville looks like they are starting to take control of this game. Knowles has hit back-to-back threes, and Louisville is now 4-8 from three. The good news for Michigan State is that Suton has nine early points. If Suton keeps scoring inside, then it will eventually lead to better looks for the Spartan perimeter players.

- Terrence Williams is so good at drawing defenders and finding open shooters. His height and athleticism allows him to be able to see over defenders.

- Louisville is heating up from the perimeter. They just took a 10-8 lead hitting their second straight three. When they hit eight or more, they are 23-0.

- Michigan State looks very good against this Cardinal zone early, getting the ball into the high post.

- Louisville's press has not been terribly effective here in the early going. They aren't shooting too well, either, which is limiting the opportunities they have to get into the press.

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