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BIAH 1st Round Live-Blog Day 1

So, how did you feel waking up this morning? Me? Fan-freakin-tastic. Why? Because it is day one of the four greatest days of the year. I know some of you are stuck in an office right now (suckers, 9-5's are for stiffs), so make sure you come by BIAH. We will have four TV's going, watching every game and keeping you guys updated.

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Here is today's schedule:
- 12:20 #9 Butler vs. #8 LSU
- 12:25 #15 Cal St Northridge vs. #2 Memphis
- 12:30 #9 Texas A&M vs. #8 BYU
- 2:30 #12 Northern Iowa vs. #5 Purdue
- 2:50 #16 Radford vs. #1 UNC
- 2:55 #10 Maryland vs. #7 Cal
- 3:00 #16 Chattanooga vs. #1 UConn
- 5:00 #13 Mississippi State vs. #4 Washington
- 7:10 #10 Minnesota vs. #7 Texas
- 7:10 #10 Michigan vs. #7 Clemson
- 7:20 #14 American vs. #3 Villanova
- 7:25 #13 Akron vs. #4 Gonzaga
- 9:40 #15 Binghamton vs. #2 Duke
- 9:40 #15 Montana State vs. #2 Oklahoma
- 9:50 #11 VCU vs. #6 UCLA
- 9:55 #12 Western Kentucky vs. #5 Illinois

Follow along after the jump.

- Over. MD wins 84-71 on 27 from Vazquez. So does Gary Williams get to keep his job?

UConn is up 99-47 with 2 minutes left, and U-Dub-MSU just tipped. That is it for this live-blog, we will see you back here at noon tomorrow for another one.

- UNC beat Radford 101-58.

A Cal three point play cuts the lead to 8 with under two minutes left. All the Terps need to do is make some free throws and they will win.

Vazquez drills a three off the dribble to make is 11and and another fast break lay-up puts MD up 82-69.

- 76-66 with 3:30 left as the Washington Mississippi State game is about to tip. Vazquez has 22, and as a team they have just 3 turnovers in the second half. If this game is anyindication, the middle of the ACC is better than the middle of the Pac-10.

The Terps have absolutely shut down Randle in the second half. He has had very few good looks at the rim.

- MD is now up 72-59 and has taken complete control. The Terps defense has been outstanding, as Cal has beenunable to get good looks ass day. A tip-dunk by Gregory malkes it 15 and that could be the dagger.

- Maryland's press has been very effective as they just forced a 5 second call. They opened up a 68-59 lead before Randle hit Cal's second straight three.

- Vazquez rips Randle and goes the disrance for an easy lay-up. Under 8 timeout and MD is up 63-53.

- Maryland hits back-to-back threes to cap a quick 9-0 run and take a 59-51 lead. Cal is not shooting well today. The best three point shooting team in the country is just 4-16 from deep.

- Cal has ytaken a 51-50 lead into the under 12 timeout. Ill be giving this game my full attention as UConn and UNC are blowouts.
- Purdue won, 61-56 and MD scored as straigt to get the lead back.

UConn was up 17-15 early in the first half and has gone on a 46-5 run in the last 15 or so minutes of game time to take a 63-20 lead.

- Cal has taken their first lead of the game 47-46.

- UNI missed a lay-up, and Purdue got the board and was fouled. Jackson to the line up 4 with 6 seconds on the clock.

- Kramer made both.

- Vazquez is taking over the MD game. He has 17.

UNI got a stop, but was called for a charge in transition. Moore to the line to ice it. He hit 1. UNI with a three at the other end 56-54 with Kramer going to the line with 16 seconds left.

- 55-51. Under a minute. UNI needs a stop. Timeout Purdue. MD as taken a 40-37 lead on Cal.

- Purdue has taken a 55-49 lead with 1:15 left.

- Just was asked my thoughts on Vazquez as a pro. I don't think he will ever be a star, and he isn't a defender, but the guy can score and create as well as anyone on this level. As an instant offense sub off the bench, I think he can be pretty good.

- UNI had the ball down 52-46 with 3 minutes left, but threw it out of bounds. MD Cal is starting up now.

- UNC has opened up a 64-38 lead with 17 left. I'm going to be focusing much more on UN-Purdue and MD-Cal for the rest of this session. UConn and UNC are blowouts.

- UNI is.not going away. A gorgeous full court bounce pass for a layup cuts the lead to 50-44.

- Purdue's defense is great to watch. They are so fundamentally sound and are always in the right spot. I mentioned how beautiful watching a well-executed fast break is. Well, seeing a fundamentally sound, smart, well-coached man-to-man defense is just as aesthetically pleasing.

- MD takes a 34-31 lead into the half. They are not rebounding at all on the defensive end, allowing Cal numerous second chance opportunities. If they boxed out, the lead would be bigger. Jerome Randle is proving why he is one of the most fun players in the country to watch (finally people realize, I have been saying this since December). He and Vazquez have not failed to disappoint.

Purdue is now up 10 on UNI, scoring four straight and forcing a UNI timeout.

UConn has blown their contest with UTC wide open, going on a 29-3 run to take a 46-18 lead.

- UNC has taken a 53-34 into the break. MD has the ball up 32-31 with 25 seconds left.

- UNI has the Purdue lead down to just 7. Purdue's defense is allowing penetration. And UNI is taking advantage of it. Johnson gets it back to 8 with a jumper. He has 12.

- UConn has gone on a 18-2 run to open an 18 point lead. AJ Price has been fantastic as he has 12, 4 boards, and 3 dimes.

- And Cal has tied it up off of a great penetration and kick from Randle. After a MD hoop, Cal gets yet another offensive board and draws a foul. If MD was bosing out, they could be up 10.

- Purdue is holding on to their double digit lead.

Cal is not a big team, bit MD is still getting killed on the glass 10 of Cal's 23 are second chance points.

- UNC has opened up a 17 point lead with 3 minutes left.

- The second half of Purdue-UNI has started with the Boilermakers up 12.

MD has turned it over three straight possessions, now four, and Randle had a gorgeous move going to the rim to finish a lay-up. He has 11 and Cal is down 1.

UConn has opened up a ten point lead after back-to-back threes. Now 13 and Price has hit two in a row himself.

- UConn is up 17-15 and is killing UTC inside (as they should).

Cal is trying to make a run at MD but the Terps are playing very well. Vazquezan who has 9 points, just picked up his second foul, however. Randle has 9 as well.

- Vazquez knocks down a three and MD has a three point lead. This s turning into Vazquez vs Randle, which is what I was hoping for.

- UNC is absolutely killing Radford in the paint. I thought their big Belarusian Artsiom (no clue on the last name) would be better. T has 8 already.

- UNC has opened up a 10 point lead with 12 left (26 point in 8 minutes), while Purdue is up 32-20 at the half.

- UTC has a big man that is giving it to Thabeet in the post. He has two buckets on the bloxk already. Another Price turnover to top it off.

MD is up as, but they are getting dominated on the glass. Cal knocks down another three. Jerome randle is one of my favorite players in the country to watch.

- First TV timeout and UConn is down 2 and MD is up 4. Vazquez has not come out of the gates looking for his shot, instead setting up his teammates. UNC is up 15-11 on Radford, and has looked a bit off running there break. To be expected, as Lawson is sitting.

- UConn is ice cold from the field to start as UTC is up 5-4 four minutes in. Cal has scored five straight points and cut the lead to 2.

- Sticks starts the scoring for UConn with a jumper. 2-2. UNC has let Radford back into it after getting a quick 6-0 lead. It is 11-9 at the first tv timeout.

I Neal bangs a three and MD us up 7-0. UConn-UTC is about to tip.

- 2nd round has tipped and UNC is up 6-3 on Radford early. Maryland has two quick baskets against Cal, and Purdue has a 22-13 lead on UNI.

- UNI has scored 5 stright points to cut the lead to 7 with 7 minutes left. UNI is doubling Johnson everytime he touches it.

- Purdue looks very good right now. They are moving the ball so well offensively, and their defense is impenetrable.

- Eight minutes in, and UNI already has 6 turnovers.

- Purdue runs a gorgeous fast break, ending with a Jackson pass to Green for a huge dunk. Purdue is up 16-6. There is nothing better than a perfectly run fast break.

- Calasan bangs a three and Purdue is up 14-6. Their defense looks solid as usual as UNI is struggling to even make easy passes.

- Purdue has an early 11-6 lead on UNI. You think either of these teams have fans in attendance in Boise? Who would waste the money to go to Boise?

- Memphis has hung on to beat CSN 81-70. What a game though. AM is up 79-66 wirh 56 seconds left. Next round of games starts in about 10 minutes.

- Sallie has 10 threes today. That is absurd. I know you probably won't believe this, but I went against putting Sallie in my 10 players to watch because I didn't think he would have enough impact.

Memphis is up 11 now, but Butler has gotten it to three with 5 seconds left and Johnson on the line. Hit the second and it is now four. Game over. LSU advances 75-71.

- Butler has cut it to 72-69 with 11 seconds left, but two Thornton free throws might have done it.

- LSU is going to the line up 4 with just 46 seconds left. Johnson hit one. After a block by Johnson, Howard fouls out with 35 seconds left.

Another Memphis turnover and another CSN lay-up. But Sallie hits another three (he has 32) and the Tigers are up 7 with the ball and a minute left. Sallie makes in ten with his 35th point.

- The Memphis defense has really started to lock down. They are on a 9-0 run over four plus minutes. But another Tiger turnover leads to a CSN lay-up. 70-66.

- LSU has opened up a 6 point lead with just 2 minutes left. Butler is in trouble after another turnover.

- Memphis gets the lead back. They are starting to really take control of the paint. As long as they aren't turning the ball over and allowing transition, CSN can't score. A tip-in makes it 67-64 with 6 minutes left.

- Thornton is ok. He just hit a pull-up from about 30 feet as LSU takes a 5 point lead.

- Howard of Butler split his knee open, and has been on and off the court getting it taken care of. 60-58 LSU and 64-63 CSN.

AM is up 64-49 with 8 minutes left.
- CSN is up 62-56 now afer a second straight three from Mels and a Memhpid turnover in the back court. Sallie answers with a three. He has 29 points. 62-61 after an Anderson dunk in traffic, but the lead is back to three after a circus lay-up. This game is incredible, I wish I could do it justice for you guys.

- Thornton looks to be ok. Good news, as he has 23. CSN has taken the lead back 57-56.

- Butler has taken the lead back after five straight points, and Memphis took the lead on a three point play by Taggart. CSN amswers with a three from their PG. Sallie with a three at the other end answered by another CSN three. This game is incredible.

In the LSU game, Thornton grabs and offensive rebound and finishes in the paint, but he lands hard and was in obvious pain grabbing his shoulder. Hopefully it is nothing serious, but he was clearly hurting.

- A fast break lay-up by CSN puts them up three. The sound is on LSU Butler, and I have realized I don't know the name of anyone on the Matadors.

- Marcus Thornton now has 20 and Chris Johnson has thrown down a huge dunk as 53-49 opened with 11 left.

But the big news is that the Matadors have opened up a 44-43 lead with 11 minutes. Upset city? This loss will flat out destroy so many peoples brackets.

The other score is 56-42 AM.

- CSN has tied it up at 40 with 14 left, but Salloie answers with another three.

- Howard hits two free throws, and Butler is down 49-47. He has 17.

- Howard is missing a lot of easy baskets at the rim right.

BYU has the lead down to nine, but missed two wide open three's and AM responded with a layup. 49-38.

- CSN is getting penetration whenever they want against Memphis. CSN had a huge dunk and has cut it to 36-35. It doesn't matter because he missed the shot, but Tyreke Evans fell on a CSN crossover.

And Butler takes their first lead on a huge oop to Nored, but Marcus Thornton responds with a turn around. Howard throws a backdoor for a lay-up ten seconds later for the lead back. This game is really picking up.
- Second half of the other two games has started, and Tavernari picked up his third foul. Speaking of third fouls, LSU's Johnson picked one up too.

- Mack knocks down an open three and the lead is cut to 41-38. Butler has never even been tied in this game. Next possession, and Hayward finds Howard on a break for a lay-up. LSU takes a timeout.

+ Butler has poiunded the ball into Howard their first two possessions, but Howard is not finishing even though he can back Johnson under the rim. Johnson answers with a huge dunk at the other end. 37-33.

- Butler averages just 12 turnovers a game, and they already have 11 today. Nerves?

- Just got word that Jim Calhoun will not be coaching the Huskies today. He has been taken to the hospital with "an illness".

- Memphis-CSN and AM-BYU both head to the half. Memphis is up 34-31. Typical offensive performance by the Tigers - ugly - but I don't understand how CSN is this close? They aren't hitting threes, aren't rebounding too well, and they have a bunch of turnovers.

AM is up 42-30 after their great start. The Aggies slowed down a bit down the stretch, but it was there work defensively, keeping BYU from getting into a groove, that kept the Cougars from getting back into. Turnover and missed free throws in the last ten minutes are what killed BYU.

- Hayward rattles home a three at the buzzer to send Butler into the half down six. Butler needs to find a way to slow down Thornton, who had 13 in the half.

BYU is hanging around, down 10. But missed free throws and turnovers have killed them.

Memphis cannot get space fromCSN. They are currently up 33-31 with 225 left. Someone other than Sallie needs to step up. The Tigers have three starters in foul trouble, however. They have missed 8 straight shots and look terribly out of sync offensively.
- This Butler game is exciting. The Bulldogs have now scored 6 straight to cut the lead to 7 with two minutes left in the half. AM has opened up a 13 point lead has Cummard has picked up his second. Memphis is up 32-25.

- BYU has it down to 32-24, but is blowing a chance to get it closer with three straight turnovers. . LSU has opened up a 31-18 lead. They are on a 9-0 and 16-5 run. Matt Howard and been brought back in with two fouls.

- Memphis has opened up a 29-22 lead on CSN. Roburt Sallie has provided a serious spark off the bench. He has 17 points in the first half.

- AM is up 32-19. They are 14-16 from the field, and they aren't just hitting open jumpers. They have knocked down some tough runners in the paint.

LSU is keeping Butler at a distance. The Bulldogs got it too 2, but a 12-2 run sparked my Marcus Thornton has made it 12 with 4 minutes left.

- CSN is down 21-17, but they have turned the ball ocer six times and hit just one three. How are they in this game?

A Lee Cummard three cuts the AM lead to 26-14.

- So AM missed a shot, and got the offensive board and scored. This is a beat down, BYU does not look ready to play.

- LSU and Butler are both playing great defense. A Hayward three cuts it to 15-11, and they just forced a turnover.

AM is now up 24-8 with 12 left, and Memphis has taken a 18-17 lead into the under 12 timeout.

- just got this email: "I rteally regret my Memphis Final Four pick, and we are just 10 minutes into the tourney. They play sisters of the blind all season. What was I thinking".

- AM is 8-8 from the field, and after BYU scored the first basket of the game Texas is on a 20-4 run.

- Great block by Hayward. LSU had a breakaway and he came from nowhere to block a Spencer lay-up. The Tigers grabbed the board, but travelled. 15-8 heading into the under 12 time out. Memphis has taked a 16-15 lead. The Matadors are hanging around.

- Matt Howard just picked up his second for Butler. Memphis has tied it up, and CSN has not has a good offensive possession in about four minutes. 11-11 with 14 left.

- The Aggies have scored eleven straight to take a 11-3 lead over BYU with 17 left.

Butler looks terrible right now. They are down 13-3 and are just being out hustled and out worked by the Tigers. It looks like a case of nerves, as this is a young team. Maybe that Willie Veasley three will get them going 13-6 with 13 left.

- AM and BYU have tipped. cougars start off the game with a three.

- Upset alet!!! CSN has taken a 9-2 on Memphis. They are getting a lot of points in transition. Not sure that will last.

Butler has already turned the ball over five times. 11-3 heading into the first TV timeout.

- Butler is on the board with a free throw. CSN takes. 5-2 lead early.

- And Memphis-CSN tips. The Matadors may not break 40.

- LSU scores nine quick points to start off the game. The Tiger's athleticism may be too much for Butler.

- And we're off. Butler is wearing black and LSU white. Spencer starts things off with 5 quick points for the Tigers.

- Ten minutes until tip-off of LSU-Butler. I was reading an interview with Butler coach Brad Stevens, and he said he was ecstatic to be playing the first game of the tourney. He said he couldn't imagine having a group of freshman and sophomores watching games for a day before playing on Friday.

- The games I'm looking forward to the most in the first round is LSU-Butler. Both are tough defensively, but I'm curious to see Matt Howard (a land warrior and bruiser) do battle with Chris Johnson (a lithe high-riser) in the paint. And if you haven't seen freshman Gordon Hayward play yet, he is the truth.

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