Monday, March 30, 2009

AJ Price: Toughness Exemplified

Late last night, we wrote about Duke and their lack-of-toughness when discussing Seth Curry's decision to transfer to the Krzyzewskiville.

Specifically, we wrote:

Toughness is also Levance Fields knocking down two free throws with 5.5 seconds to tie Villanova, after hitting big threes to put away OK State and Xavier. Toughness is Blake Griffin getting flipped on a cheap shot by a player from Morgan State and not reacting with his fists. Toughness is Cleveland State holding on to a lead when a more talented Wake Forest team makes a run on them.
AJ Price is a perfect example of toughness. I'm not going to talk about how Price overcame an a brain aneurysm, as proved himself as a better person after trying to sell stolen lap-tops, or came back from a devastating knee injury last season.

No, I'm talking about Price's actions on the court the last two seasons.

UConn has size, UConn has athletes, but UConn only has one player that has proven the ability to create for himself and for his teammates. When UConn needs a basket, Price is who they go to.

Which brings us to Saturday night. A first half in which UConn had blown an 11 point lead was coming to a close. Price was at the top of the key, waiting to make a move to try and send the Huskies into the locker room on a high note. He was being guarded by Zaire Taylor, who decided that it would be a good idea to smile and clap in Price's face.

So what did Price do?

Shoulda been an and-1 too.

That is what I mean when I say "toughness".

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Anonymous said...

Toughness = stealing laptops from your fellow students?