Tuesday, March 31, 2009

4/1 - Some Links, Some News

Some writers take a look at what Calipari going to Kentucky means:

  • Marty Dobrow of the Boston Globe: Does this hiring make Cal the king of Kentucky hoops?
  • Pat Forde of ESPN.com: Hiring Calipari does have its risks.
  • Jeff Goodman of FoxSports: Cal is the right call.
  • Gregg Doyel of CBSSports: Kentucky will dominate college basketball with this hiring.
  • Blair Kerkhoff of the KC Star: Cal is a home-run hire.
  • Marlen Garcia of USA Today: Cal has his work cut out for him.
  • Rich Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal: Kenny Payne owes Cal a beer.
  • Eric Crawford of the Louisville Courier-Journal: Last two years are why Cal is getting hired.
  • Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports: Cal is no longer black-listed from the "in crowd".
  • Geoff Calkins of the Memphis Commercial Appeal: What does this mean for Memphis.
Some more news and notes for you, as the coaching carousel heats up and NBA Draft Early Entrants start to trickle out:
  • John Calipari isn't the only guy that Memphis lost. Tyreke Evans, the Tigers star freshman, is also gone (don't expect him to be the last Memphis player/recruit to be heading elsewhere) will be leaving school to enter the NBA Draft. Most expected Evans to head out regardless, but it seems that Calipari's departure was the icing on the cake.
  • Missouri has locked up head coach Mike Anderson for a while, as he inked a seven-year deal worth at least $1.55 million per. Georgia, who was actively pursuing Anderson, now turn their attention to Jeff Capel of Oklahoma (although I have also seen Frank Haith of Miami mentioned as well). Reports put the offer to Capel at over $2 million a year, which would be a significant salary increase. Which both the Griffins leaving, is that enough to land Capel?
  • BJ Mullens has also entered the NBA Draft. This one was no surprise. The story of Mullens childhood is well-known (great read on it here), as he even spent time living in a homeless shelter.
  • Mullens teammate at OSU, Evan Turner, looks like he will be headed back to school for his junior season.
  • Jerome Dyson will be in uniform for the Huskies against Michigan State, but he won't be cleared to play.
  • Dexter Pittman has a press conference today to announce whether or not he will return to school for his senior season. These guys think he will not declare. I think he might as well. There is not harm in going through the process (assuming he doesn't sign an agent - he is a junior and gets one free pass with the "testing the waters" rule).
  • It looks like Jrue Holiday is going to be entering the draft as well.
  • Purdue's JaJuan Johnson looks to be coming back.

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