Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maryland Fans Sure Are The Best: Operation Scheyerface 2.0

When watching the game, look behind the basket in the second half. The plan? Each student is to print out one of the following pictures and hold it up while Duke is shooting free throws.

What are the pictures of? Have a look after the jump.

That isn't the funniest part of what Terps fans did in preparation for the Duke game. Over at the Terpcenter message boards, Maryland fans posted the address and phone number for the hotel that Duke was staying at. While the following transcript cannot be verified, it has been confirmed that Duke players were in fact getting called. Damn journalistic integrity, I'm posting this because it is pretty funny:

"Hello, this is ****** with the Washington Times, sorry to bother you at this hour Mr. Paulus, but we are running a small piece tomorrow and I was hoping to take 2 minutes and ask you a question?"

Him: "Uhhh, sure"

"If you had to choose between Deron Washington, Danny Green, and Dwayne Collins, who's nuts would you say tasted the best?"

I really hope it is true. Jason Davis, the moderator over at Duke Basketball Report, also gave the hotel a call:
Holy %!%!%, it is true. I figured there was no way it was true so I called the hotel and asked for Chris Collins' room. The hotel operator connected me right away-- no questions asked. I was shocked. I told Coach Collins that I was a Duke fan and that a Maryland fan bulletin board had gotten info about their hotel. I warned him that many fans were planning to call their rooms late tonight. I suggested that he call the front desk and tell them to not put through calls to the Duke rooms. He said, "thanks man," though I am not sure he really cared. Maybe what I did was really uncool, but I think it is worth warning the team as I bet they would have gotten a few late night calls when they were sleeping.

And some pictures from two years ago, also known as Operation Scheyerface 1.0:


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