Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Manny Harris Won't Be Suspended

Michigan's Manny Harris won't be suspended for the elbow he hit Purdue's Chris Kramer with on Saturday. Here is the video:

First off all, it was BS that he was even ejected in the first place. Kramer might be the best defender in the country, and one of the reason's for that is he is not afraid to get up into the defender. When you have a guy climbing all over you like that, one of the things players are taught to do from a young age is to "rip-through" - meaning that when you square up a defender, you are strong with the ball, essentially, throw an elbow as you pull the ball in front of the defender.

That elbow was completely unintentional, and at worst he was clearing some space. This is Big Ten basketball, sometimes you are going to catch an elbow. Luckily, all Kramer got out of it was a head ache and a bloodied, maybe broken, nose.

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joe said...

there was nothing to this, i cant believe he got ejected