Monday, February 2, 2009

Fan Rant: Georgetown Hoyas

Here at BIAH, we know what it means to be a college basketball die-hard. We also know what it feels like to have your team disappoint you, break your heart, and stomp on your hopes and dreams. This season, we will be running a series or Fan Rants. So if your favorite team has left you broken and battered, hop on your computer, grab a Coors Light wide mouth can, and send us an email ( venting all that built up pain and anguish. Trust us, it will make you feel better.

This week's fan rant comes from diehard Hoyas fan Bogey.

I have been a Georgetown fan for my entire life. My parents famously boast that I went to my first game when I was two weeks old. I was a fan during the glory days of JT2. I was a fan during the hell that was Craig Esherick’s tenure (I met him at an Orlando airport bar this year, pretty nice guy actually). And I still bleed Hoya blue under JT3.

I am very thankful that JT3 has brought our program back to a respectful level. His teams, however, are more known for their offensive prowess, which seems to be missing for five of the last six games, rather than the tough D and rebounding that JT2 and Esherick exemplified.

I tell you this is the one aspect of this current Hoyas team that drives me absolutely f-ing nuts: they can’t rebound for shit!! If the Hoyas have shown any bit of god damn effort on the boards this year, I think we could have beaten ND, WV, Seton Hall, and Cincinnati. Hell, we should have beaten the last three teams regardless based on the wasted talent on G'town alone.

The reason we have beaten teams the likes of U-Con and Syracuse is because on those particular nights the offense was working, we decided to hit our free throws (another thing that pisses me off about this team, G'town teams historically haven’t been able to hit jack shit from anywhere on the court, so I won’t go into this) and the three ball was falling. I think that those were the only two games where we managed to do all three of the aforementioned above and still get our ass handed to us on both offensive and defensive boards, but come out with a pretty impressive W.

But guess what, we can’t shoot anymore, we can’t run this “Georgetown offense” that all the analysts nut themselves over (we can barely break a press, how the shit is DaJuan Summers supposed to play in an offense designed for Ivy League kids? The guy is barely making grades to stay eligible), we can’t hit free throws, and we are still getting killed on the boards. That all adds up to a five game losing streak, four of those losses coming to teams we could have beaten. I am honestly getting tired of being at the Verizon Center, watching someone jack up a shot, and seeing not a single Hoya run to the basket to put a body on somebody.


Seriously, watch a game. The only guys you will see giving at least 70% effort to get a rebound are Greg Monroe and Julian Vaughn. The former is probably the best freshmen to come through G'town since Iverson, and we are going to piss him away to the draft after this year cause no one on this team seems to give a shit besides him. The latter is a transfer reserve center that shows more heart and hustle than four of the starters, which quite frankly, is f-ing pathetic.

Speaking of reserves, I used to cringe everytime Omar Wattad took to the court, but now I look forward to it, because I know he at least won’t stand around holding his dick in his shorts while he is out there. Anyone who could expose Kyle Singler for the whiny bitch that all Duke players are after taking two charges from one of Coach K’s fluffers is cool in my book. "Let’s Get Wattaded" has become part of my everyday vocabulary thanks to him.

Alright. I am done. Hopefully this post made some sense to a few people, and if it didn’t, go fuck yourself, it’s a rant. Thanks to BIAH for letting me vent.

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