Monday, February 23, 2009

College Hoops BlogPoll Week Three

Here is my ballot for week three of the CBS Sports College Hoops BlogPoll. Thoughts?:

1 Pittsburgh 3
2 Oklahoma
3 Connecticut 2
4 North Carolina 1
5 Memphis 1
6 Louisville 1
7 Michigan St. 2
8 Kansas 1
9 Villanova 1
10 Duke 1
11 Wake Forest 3
12 Marquette
13 Missouri 1
14 West Virginia 1
15 Washington 4
16 Clemson 3
17 Arizona St. 3
18 Purdue
19 Illinois 3
20 Utah 3
21 Florida St.
22 Xavier 4
23 Gonzaga
24 Louisiana St.
25 UCLA 8
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Dayton (#21), Butler (#22), Arizona (#25).

Some quick notes on my thought process. Pitt has to be #1. They are the only one of the top four that won didn't lose this week, and they knocked off former #1 UConn in the process. I put Oklahoma at #2 because their lss coincided with Blake Griffin's concussion. With UConn and UNC, despite the issues that are obvious for the Huskies, UNC's performance worried me a lot more. No one other than Lawson was effective in the second half or OT, they finished with five assists on the game as a team, and they gave up a 16 point second half lead to an inferior opponent. But more than anything (including Hansbrough's disappearance this year) I am turned off by the fact they cannot stop a good scoring guard - see Tyrese Rice, Jeff Teague, and now Greivis Vazquez.

The rest is fairly straight forward - a bit down on Big Ten teams this week and a bit high on Big XII teams.

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