Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blake Griffin: Still Not Ready To Play

Concussions are no laughing matter. Too many can end a career.

Which is why Oklahoma is being extra cautious with their talented big man. During Monday's game, Tommy Griffin (Blake and Taylor's father) told the Oklahoman that while his son was getting better, he was still far from being ready to play.

And if you watched that game, it is easy to believe. Griffin was into it and enthusiastic on the sidelines as OU made their comeback, but there were also times when he clearly was being affected by the lights in the gym. He looked very woozy at times as well.

Now this from Jeff Capel. Asked about whether Griffin will play on Saturday against Texas Tech:

Right now we still have no clue. It takes time, and we're not going to do anything to rush it. We want him to be OK before he plays again or before we even put him in a position to practice with us again. He's getting better. But it's a slow process, and we don't want to speed it up.
To be honest, I think the Sooners are going about this the right way. The game against Texas Tech doesn't matter (hell, they should win that game without the big fella). After that, OU plays Missouri and Oklahoma State, two much tougher games (although at this point in the season, any loss will essentially end OU's chances of winning the Big XII outright).

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