Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Billy Gillispie loves sideline interviews

Remember two weeks ago when we posted the video of Billy Gillispie being interviewed by ESPN sideline reporter Jeanine Edwards? Edwards asked him a question about how Ole Miss was shutting down Jodie Meeks, Gillispie responded by telling Edwards that she asked "a stupid question". Watch:

Well last night, during the Kentucky-Florida game, Edwards once again interviewed the coach before halftime. It didn't go to well this time either.

Gillispie's disdain for Edwards is palpable during this interview. He says he can't hear her on the first question, then totally disregards her what she asks and goes off on his own tangent. I'm not sure why Gillispie would dislike Edwards, but I do find it funny that Edwards is clearly trying really hard to impress Gillispie with her question.

To be honest, I think the whole idea of halftime interviews are kind of dumb. The interviewer is much more likely to catch an attitude from the coach than they are to get a straight answer. And rarely, if ever, does the coach say something insightful or something of substance.

Does a national TV audience really need to see someone that has that job because they are nice on the eyes (not because of their knowledge of the sport) try to have an intelligent conversation with the some of the game's greatest minds? I sure don't.

While we are on the subjectn did anyone see what Holly Rowe was wearing during the Mizzou-Kansas game? I'll try to dig up a picture (not finding it right now)n but she had on a leather jacket. Really? Was she doing sideline for Orange County Choppers? It was Big Monday on ESPN. Do it up a little bit, Holly.

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