Monday, February 23, 2009

BIAH Live: Louisville @ Georgetown

Tonight, I will be in attendance for the Louisville-Georgetown game at the Verizon Center in DC. The CoverItLive software that I use allows you to live-blog from a cell phone. Since I am going to need to know how to effectively use this program during the postseason, I figure tonight is as good of a chance as any to give it a test run.

So come by tonight and leave a comment, or just follow along.

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Anonymous said...

yup, you said it. @ 7:40:"The biggest difference right now is Louisville is make tough shots, and Georgetown is missing open looks"

G'town was allowed to score 50 to 60pts last year and still beat teams because they forced turnovers or bad shots. That KenPom book says Gtown's D last year was the best in the past ten years (something like that) They dont have that this year on defense, i mean you saw how easy Samuels sneaked under the basket for open looks behind monroe. Last year, if L'Ville had made all those tough shots, I can list a handful of players who had the abillity to step up and lead a charge for the Hoyas. Who is going to do it this year? Crhis Wright, he tried it and got stuffed in the paint every time.

you said it best, G'Town came out flat, looked like they had nothing to play for, when they were playing for their bid to the dance (pending a Big East tourny streak)