Friday, January 30, 2009

Got a Question for Blake Griffin? Now You Can Ask him

Blake Griffin is the most dominant big man in the country and one of the front runners for national player of the year. But he seems like a pretty down to earth guy.

How would I know, given I've never met the kid?

Sooner Sports, Oklahoma's official athletics website, has started a feature known as Blake's Mailbag. Fans around the country can go there to submit questions to the big fella. He seems to answer pretty honestly.

In the first edition posted yesterday, Griffin answers questions about his living arrangements (apparently roommate Cade Davis doesn't clean at all), his NBA draft status (he says as of now he is coming back - I call bull shit), his relationship with his brother, and his car (an '02 Denali).

My personal favorite answer came on a question from a fan in Alaska. I can't remember what the question was in regards to, but Griffin's answer started with "Let me ask you a question. Can you really see Russia from up there?"

For a guy that has taken a number of cheap shots this year, he is sure quick to dish them out.

My question to Blake: "What's with the crossdressing?"

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