Sunday, December 28, 2008

POSTERIZED: The Best Dunks from Non-Conference Season

You know, I sometimes wonder how people survived before the internet came about. Ok, maybe "survived" is the wrong term, but seriously, how did anything ever get accomplished? How did you find out the scores of games? How did anyone ever find some chinese food that delivers at 3 AM? How did a bet ever get settled? I think it is safe to say that if I had a Blackberry or an iPhone in college, my test scores and GPA probably would have been good enough that I wouldn't need to be bartending right now.

Back to the point, here is a perfect example. On Saturday, I was working as said bartender, and it was pretty much the slowest day ever. So, I sat at the bar with a couple of the other staff, and we watched Dan In Real Life, that movie with Steve Carell. I ended up getting in an argument about whether or not one of the cast members was Alanis Morrisette, and I eventually bet lunch on the fact that it was her. So my buddy whipped out his iPhone, did a quick google search, and we had our answer. No, it wasn't Alanis Morrisette (it was actually the lady that played Susan on Friends) and yes, steak and eggs were on me.

How would you go about settling a bet of this nature without the internet?

Another great example of why the internet is so awesome is youtube. Now I only use youtube for two things - too watch people make a fool out of themselves and to watch highlights.

One of the things I've noticed about this season is that there as been an unusual number of sick dunks in the early going. If you read this site, then you know how much I enjoy a huge dunk. So without further ado, here are some of the best dunks of the young season. As always, if there are any that I have missed, please post a link in the comments section.

Most of you should know by now that Arizona smacked Kansas by 17 at home on Tuesday. Some of you know that they did it with Chase Budinger going 1-9 from the floor. A few of you may know that Budinger's one field goal was this vicious one-handed alley-oop from Nic Wise.

Budinger with another big dunk, this time off the bounce and on some dude's head from Florida Atlantic.

Carlon Brown of Utah with a one-handed dunk on a fast break against Utah State. You don't think it sounds that impressive? Watch the video.

Justin Mason of Texas showing of some serious bounce.

Jeff Teague has had three monster dunks this year, although the third one didn't count. The first one is a Dunk of the Year candidate.

Not to be outdone, Teague's teammate James Johnson had a DOTY candidate as well.

Maurice Acker of Marquette was about a step away from being jumped over completely embarrassed by Chris Wright aka Flyght of Dayton. Look where Flyght catches the ball, and then think about the fact that he doesn't use a dribble getting to the rim.

Now here is a brief public service announcement from Blake Griffin.

Seriously though, no more comments about him. Just enjoy some ridiculous dunks (this season's dunks start at about the :43 mark). Question: is Griffin the best dunker in college basketball? Gotta be, right?

Gerald Henderson of Duke has had a couple nice dunks this year. Expect many more out of him.

Sick courtside video of Henderson's dunk on Southern Illinois.

Amhad Nivins of St. Joe's with a two-handed dunk on Corey Stokes of Villanova. If Stokes had stood in there, he would have gotten the charge.

But I still don't think any dunk this year has compared to the one Paul George put down during the tip-off marathon. Right now, the favorite for the DOTY.

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Mike said...

Paul George's dunk is the best of the year in my opinion, followed closely by Chris Wright's monster levitation act and Chase Budinger's single bucket in that Kansas game.

I watched every single one of those dunks too, by the way. I can't get enough of dunks. My favorite of all time is this gem:

Why? The dunk isn't very good, but look at that reaction. Just casually turns while glass is raining on him. I can watch it all day.

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