Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/19 - Some Links, Some News

A lot to get you caught up on. Some of this we mentioned in passing during the live-blog, so bear with us.

-Tyler Zeller, the freshman who has been starting in place of Tyler Hansbrough for UNC, broke his wrist last night after a nasty spill on a missed dunk attempt. Video of it here. Once Hansbrough gets back, it probably won't be that big of a deal for the Heels (although it sucks for Zeller, who looked pretty good in the first two games - he had multiple fractures in the wrist and underwent surgery last night). With Hansbrough and Deon Thompson starting, there probably wasn't going to be too many minutes to go around for freshmen Zeller and Ed Davis, and Davis is a better rebounder and defender than Zeller. But the question is, when will Hansbrough be back? He practiced Monday (although by practice, they mean took a few jumpers and did some jogging).

More news from the UNC-Kentucky game: Ashley Judd sat in the student section. Pictures can be found here.

-Xavier Henry, a top 5 2009 recruit, has chosen to go to Memphis. Fellow top 5 recruit John Wall just visited Memphis. You think the Tigers were good last year?

-Mississippi's back court is falling apart. First, it was Trevor Gaskins with an ACL. Now, it is Eniel Polynice, the Rebels most versatile perimeter player, who underwent arthoscopic surgery on his knee.

-Alex Stephenson's appeal to play immediately at USC was denied by the NCAA, meaning that the UNC transfer will have to sit out the year.

-The Final Four sites for 2009-2016.

-More from Jeff Goodman: Loyola coach Jimmy Patsos spent the game sitting at the end of the bench against Cornell. Apparently, he picked up an early tech and didn't want to get tossed.

-Dana O'Neil with a look at the recruiting game.

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