Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kenny George's Career is Done?

In September it was announced that Kenny George, the 7'7", 360 lb center from UNC-Asheville, would miss the 2008-2009 season following surgery on his right foot. Well, this weekend news came out that the reason for the surgery was that George had a staph infection in that foot. From the Charlotte Observer:

UNC Asheville senior center Kenny George had part of his right foot amputated, a source confirmed to

The source said the amputation, which occurred three weeks ago, was the result of George's battle with MRSA, a sometimes life-threatening, antibiotic-resistant staph infection.

The Asheville Citizen Times first reported the story on Friday.

In August, George returned to his Chicago home from Pete Newell's Big Man Camp in Las Vegas with an infection in his foot.

Doctors suggested George immediately see a specialist. He's been hospitalized in Iowa since then, the source said, enduring several surgeries and at one time battling for his life. He's expected to stay in the hospital for at least another month.
Today, Asheville coach Eddie Biedenbach spoke about George, but wouldn't confirm or deny any of the reports. If you read into what he said, however, it seems like the reports are probably true.
There's more to Kenny George than basketball. The students at this school think the world of Kenny George outside of basketball. We're looking forward to him coming back second semester — that's what he wants to do — and complete his degree. At that point, we'd still like him to be a part of our basketball program and part of this school.
All the best to you, Kenny.

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