Sunday, September 14, 2008

Willie Warren on Xavier Henry

Willie Warren, a top 50 recruit and freshman at Oklahoma, is renowned for his confidence (which some people would call cockiness). Proof? Here are two stories:

Bryant wasn't a regular visitor early on at the invitation-only, Nike-sponsored Kobe Bryant Skills Academy. So when he finally arrived Warren took it upon himself to deliver a little jab and tell Bryant he had been wondering whether he'd ever show his face.

Then they went at it on the court.

When Bryant offered some advice to help Warren with his game, Warren countered by offering some advice to help Bryant with his game. Hilarious. A few weeks later at the LeBron James Skills Academy, Warren declined to take a picture with James because he didn't want to be seen idolizing a person he plans on competing against in the NBA sometime soon.
Personally, I think those stories are hilarious, and I love Warren's swagger (hopefully, he can tone it down a bit when he is playing with Blake Griffin).

Anyway, maybe the cockiness is warranted.

The dunk happened last May at the Nike Memorial Day Classic. The guy getting dunked on? Xavier Henry, a top 5 recruit in the class of 2009.


joe said...

he can jump a little bit

Anonymous said...

I'd be a lot more impressed if Henry had challenged the shot. There are hundreds of guys that can make that dunk on someone attempting to take a charge. You could find a lot of guys who can't play ball to save their lives, but are athletic enough to jump up and dunk on someone who is standing there.