Thursday, July 31, 2008

Top 10 Dunks in College Basketball History

Now I know I'm not the only ones out there that loves watching clips of great plays, and given the fact that I just wasted about three hours watching some of the best dunks ever, I figured I'd save you the trouble of youtube browsing and give you a list right here - the top 10 college basketball dunks.

A couple of things before we get to the BIAH top 10: there were a couple dunks not on this list because I simply could not find a video of them - see Hakim Warrick's ****** (hint: its what you dip in hot water to make tea, this blog is strictly PG-13) on Royal Ivey to the right. I also am an 80's baby, so there might be a lot of dunks that I simply don't remember or know about because I am too young. That said, if you know of any that are missing, post a comment and let me know what they are, and I will do everything in my power to get a clip up for you, or just leave us a link to your favorite dunk.

So without further ado, follow the jump for the top 10, plus a few extra just because we at BIAH like you guys that much.

UPDATE: I found the Hakim Warrick dunk.

Honorable Mention:

Stew Hare of UNC-Wilmington clinching the Seahawks first round upset of USC by dunking on the Trojans entire front-line. The only reason this even makes this list is because of the situation when it occurred.

Baron Davis with a fake behind-the-back and dunk. The move is better than the dunk, but it is still pretty sick.

Chris Porter with a ridiculous tip-dunk (a theme you will come to see). Would probably be higher if the video quality was better.

Senario Hillman of Alabama with a HUGE facial dunk on a fast break against Auburn.

Hakim Warrick dunks over a defender from Pitt, off the vert, from five feet away from the basket. How does he get up that high? Best part, though, is Bill Raftery yelling "Bring your lunch!!" What does that even mean?

10: Grant Hill catches a (almost) half court alley-oop from Bobby Hurley in the 1991 Final Four.

9: VC with a two-handed dunk on Tim Duncan's head.

8: Ismael Muhammad of Georgia Tech jumps over Engin Atsur of NC State. It has gotta be pretty embarrassing to get completely jumped over and dunked on.

7: Jerry Stackhouse on 14 feet of Blue Devil (am I the only one that loves seeing a Dookie get dunked on). Anyway, I promise this is the last ACC clip.

6: Melvin Levitt from Cincinnati soars for a one-handed put-back dunk. The announcers reaction is great.

5: Nate Robinson. I chose this video because it also has some insane highlights of the midget dunking, but the #5 dunk is actually his put-back dunk against Arizona.

4: Darvin Ham breaks the backboard with a tip dunk ... IN THE NCAA TOURNEY.

tie 3: JR Rider posterizes two guys. I have no idea who they are playing, but listen to the sound the dunk makes.

tie 3: Dirk Nowitzki Minnifield from Kentucky. He just looks like he keeps going up and up, even after he hits the guy taking a charge.

2: Shaq jumps over someone trying to box him out on a put-back dunk. Listen to a young Dickie V announcing.


Here's a better look at the dunk itself, with music in the background.

So there it is, the BIAH top 10 list for greatest college dunks of all time. I know I missed some, so leave a comment and let me know.

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