Friday, September 5, 2008

Team Previews: Top 25 and the Best of the Rest

Top 25
1) UNC
2) UConn
4) Louisville
5) Pittsburgh
6) Gonzaga
7) Notre Dame
8) Purdue
9) Duke
10) Texas
11) Tennessee
12) Memphis
13) Oklahoma
14) Michigan State
15) Arizona State
16) Marquette
17) Baylor
18) Miami FL
19) Wake Forest
20) Davidson
21) UNLV
22) Wisconsin
23) West Virginia
24) St. Mary's
25) Xavier

Best of the Rest
Illinois State
Kent State
Ole Miss
Washington State


Anonymous said...

Can I get a UVA preview? Sean Singletary graduating hurts, but we have some decent talent. That mixed with a good head coach could make us mediocre in the ACC. What is the take of the BIAH staff?

Rob Dauster said...

I don't see UVA being any better than they were last year. Mamadi Diane is a pretty solid player, as is Calvin Baker, but the Cavaliers lost the only two guys that were really able to create their own shot in Singletary and Adrian Joseph. UVA's best freshman, Sylvan Landesberg, is cut from the same cloth as Diane.

Here's my take on the Wahoo's - if Zeglinski can develop into a good point guard, the combo of Diane, Baker, and Landesberg can provide solid production from the wing, and someone from the slew of bigs (Assane Sene, Jamil Tucker, Mike Scott, Ryan Pettinella, or John Brandenburg - a top 100 recruit and best hope) can develop into a reliable post threat, then Virginia might be able to reach .500.

But I don't see that happening, and it could be a very long year in Charlottesville.

Skip said...

Yo Dauster,

Great job on these previews man. I was looking around for some previews to freshen up for this upcoming season and I didn't find anything worthwhile until I stumbled upon your blog. Good stuff man. Keep it coming.

Also, one other thing. I see Jeff Adrien is listed at 6'7" now for Uconn. I played against him back in high school and he was no where near that height. So unless he's grown a couple inches at college, which is very possible, his height might be a little boosted. If in reality he's shorter, which I think he is, it makes everything he's doing for the Huskies even more impressive. If A.J. Price is fully recuperated from his injury, that squad is gonna be tough to stop.

I'm still waiting for a Liberty League preview. haha

Keep in touch buddy.