Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Plays From The NCAA Tournament's First Weekend

Tim Rogers buzzer beating three for Western Kentucky to beat Drake

De'Jon Jackson of San Diego, jumper to beat UConn

Darren Collison of UCLA hits a tough lay-up to beat Texas A&M

Derrick Brown of Xavier catches an alley-oop on an out-of-bounds play. I was sitting five rows behind the basket on this one.

Brook Lopez of Stanford hits a leaner to beat Marquette

Leonard Houston of Drake with a huge lefty tomahawk dunk on Western Kentucky.

Gerald Henderson of Duke goes coast-to-coast to beat Belmont

Greg Paulus with an alley-oop to Gerald Henderson. Again, I was sitting five rows behind this basket.

1 comment:

Andy McKenzie said...

this is nice cause i missed some of the first games (not due to any fault of my own).

1) western kentucky
2) san diego
3) stanford

that's my order. i'm looking forward to the rest of the tourney.