Monday, December 31, 2007

Darrell Arthur - NBA Draft Prospects

Numbers: 12.8 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 1.3 bpg, 54.3% FG, 70.2% FT

About Him: Darrell Arthur did not put up overly impressive numbers during his sophomore year. The knock on Arthur his entire career has been his inconsistency - some nights he just doesn't show up. Look at his numbers from Jan. 26th through the end of the season - how many times does he follow up an 18 and 9 game with a 6 and 5 game? I know all the arguments - he was foul prone (not a good thing), he played on a very balanced and unselfish team with a loaded front-court (not as bad), but his inconsistency is still something GM's will worry about. He has all the tools - he is 6'9", very athletic, and is stronger than his 215lb frame would make you believe. Arthur is a very good finisher at the rim, and also has a pretty solid post game. His go-to move is a fade-away jumper (he hit about four of these in the NCAA Final). He will probably go some where between at the end of the lottery and the early 20's.

Comparisons: Stromile Swift (if he doesn't care), Antonio McDyess in his prime (if he does).

Bottom Line: With Arthur, it will always be about 'want' - how badly does he want to be good? And he can be very good - he has the tools to be a perennial all-star. If he had Hansbrough's heart, he would be a top-5 lock, but he doesn't so he could drop as far as the 20's. Ironically, I think that falling out of the lottery could be the motivation that turns Arthur from a guy with upside to an all-star.

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