Sunday, February 19, 2012

VIDEO: Antoine Young's game-winner to beat LBSU

On a day where we had our fair share of buzzer-beaters, Antoine Young provided a fitting ending.

Creighton had trailed Long Beach State for the majority of the game, fighting their way back in the second half only to see the 49ers respond with a run of their own. But after Gregory Echinique tied the game with a minute left, Antoine Young was given a chance to go one on one for the win.

And he did it:

Ironically enough, this wasn't a buzzer-beater. After the fans stormed the floor, 0.3 seconds were put back onto the clock and the court had to be cleared of students and the kind of debris that comes with it.

But LBSU's last gasp came up short, and Creighton picked up a win they had to have despite not playing their best basketball game.

Goddamn, I love this sport.

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